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About Us

Activ Engagement & Education CIC works to better the lives of young people, families and communities in the Riverside, Appleton, Kingsway and surrounding wards of Halton, Widnes, through specialist youth work provision. We provide engaging activities, tailored support, learning opportunities and personal development programmes that help motivate young people to make positive decision in their lives. It does this by offering:


Detached, outreach and Centre based Youth Work

Youth work focuses on personal and social development – the skills and attributes of young people – rather than to ‘fix a problem’. It is a process that engages with young people and deepens a young person’s understanding of themselves, their community, and the world in which they live and supports them to proactively bring about positive changes. Our detached work not only helps us develop trusting relationships with young people out on the streets, it is also a vehicle to respond to both community and young peoples’ needs.


A safe, friendly space

A safe, healthy supportive environment where young people can meet up.

Access to resources

Includes digital devices and computers connected with reliable WiFi for young peoples’ use, both for leisure and to support their education and development.

One – one support

This ranges from having someone impartial to speak with, to receiving goal-oriented coaching and development to signposting or making referrals to other services such as counselling or mental health support.

Education and life chance development 

A free at the point of delivery tuition service for those identified as in need of academic gap filling or help with homework.

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